As the Senior 3D Artist at Minerva Medical Simulation I'm responsible for creating and upgrading the 3D graphics and animations for Full Code, the #1 medical simulation app on the app store. All graphics were created in Blender. 

Low Acuity Room

I created this new scene in Blender for the 2.6 version release. I created new props for this room and designed a new layout. I updated existing props to be used as well. I was able to achieve a higher quality of graphics while using less memory than other scenes.

Resuscitation Bay and Pediatric ER

I undertook the task of upgrading both of these scenes to have better graphics. These upgrades include creating more realistic textures, improving the process of light baking, improving the look of transparent objects, adding a breathing animation to patients, and adding a Bag Valve Mask animation.

Character Clothing Sets