Video Games

Archer: Danger Phone

As a General Artist at Truly Social Games Vancouver I created environment art, concept art, and animations for the mobile game Archer: Danger Phone (the video game extension for the TV show Archer). In partnership with Disney Games.

Environment Art

Low-poly environment art (all under 15K tris) including the modeling, UV wrapping, texturing, lighting, and implementation into Unity.

Concept Art

Created in Photoshop working off of the existing matte painting used in the TV show Archer

Character Animation

I cleaned up and prepared several character animations using Spine and Photoshop.


Gone is an educational video game to show the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and PTSD. The player must navigate through a house which contains rooms that emulate the feelings of these mental illnesses. I created this game as part of a team during my time at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I created the concept, design, and all 3D assets for this project as well as the promotional art and user interface.